Taking a break.

Sorry for the recent lack of updates, I’m not getting enough time to write articles or record Gameplays, But I will try to keep the rest of pages updated and add more links whenever I can, I will get back as soon as I can, Thanks for understanding.

This Week’s Highlight – Sonic.EXE Chapter 1

It’s another week, we got our hands on yet another interesting Modification for Sonic Generations, most of you may have already heard of the Creepypasta Sonic.EXE which drived people crazy couple years ago, apparently it’s still attracting attention of many people, inside and outside the Sonic Fandom, So let’s also give it a shot.

It’s interesting how little changes can make things seem so different, you can check out the mod yourself too, check GEN Full Projects section.

Have you tried – Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 PC Remake ?

Sounds weird to remake what is possibly considered one of the worst Sonic games, if not one of the worst video games of all time, Sonic the Hedgehog had the potential to reboot the franchise and be possibly the best Sonic game to be ever created, taking elements that people liked from Sonic adventure games and improving it, but limited time and rushed release prevented it from being so and thus we got the unfinished product instead, But what if the game was finished ?

Gistix and his team worked so hard and gave us a demo of a somewhat improved version of the game, remade completely in the unity engine, the remake restores a secondary homing attack animation seen in E3 that was cut from the final product for some reason, and also improves the Movement and controls, although this remake contains only 1 level and 1 playable character, it shows that a little delay to iron the bugs and improve the gameplay would’ve helped the game to succeed, It’s a shame the final product is unfinished bu hopefully in the future the fans will fix this, you can get the demo from the FAN section.

This Week’s Highlight : Titanic Timber

2nd Sonic Generations Mod Playtest is up, this one takes place in ThatsGoodJason’s Titanic Timber level mod, I decided to pick this up seeing not alot of people played it, and I really enjoyed it, the difficulty is balanced, camera works very well and there’s not alot of Glitches, at least I couldn’t notice any, it lacks a little bit of details but overall it was well made and clearly good effort was put into it, you can get it in GEN Level Hacks section.

This Week’s Highlight : Aquarium Park

New playtest is up, This should have been uploaded here 2 days ago but i didn’t get enough time to, So here’s my run through a well made level mod for Sonic Generations, It is Ripped from Sonic Colors and ported to Sonic Generations by SonicHyuga, you can get this mod from GEN Level Hacks section.

This Week’s Highlight : Crisis City

It’s up again, I’ve been digging through the uncommon Sonic Adventure DX level mods and came across an interesting level hack inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Level Crisis City, it features a completely custom made level layout and textures ripped from the original level.

The level is made by Fiamonder, it lacks camera setup but has alot of hidden items and alternate pathways to choose from, what I liked about the level is the use of slope physics at last section to reach the end level capsule, However the camera most of the time didn’t co-operate and would send me accidentially to directions where I’m not supposed to go, not to mention the complete absence of death pit but that last issue isn’t a big deal since you can just restart from last checkpoint thanks to the pause menu.

It took me a couple of attempts to get used to the backstabbing quirks and issues of the level, such as the terribly placed unidus right in front of a checkpoint or the one next to a corner when I’m not looking (camera not facing right direction), I don’t think i’m going to revisit this stage, but perhaps with a different character to play with it could be interesting ?, this mod is available in SADX level hacks section if you want to give it a shot.

This concludes our journey of SADX Mod Playtests, there’s alot of SADX Mods out there and we don’t have time to review them all, next time we’ll move on to another Sonic game, stay tuned.

This Week’s Highlight : SADX Mirror Mode

We all are very used to all the layouts and gameplay mechanics of SADX, SF94/Morph’s Mirror mode makes a little change to every level, flipping them on the X and Y axis and giving them an all new taste, it lets you re-experience the levels in a unique way, they almost feel like new stages sometimes.

One thing I liked about this mod is that you are now able to view parts of levels that were previously not viewable because camera couldn’t reach them somehow, It made me dizzy at times because I am very used to the default level layouts, But overall it’s an interesting take on the levels and is a fun way to replay the game if you want something new to try out, This mod is available to download in SADX Level Hacks section.

Growing up

I decided to expand on the content of the Blog by hosting links for various Sonic games mods, Including Sonic Lost World, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Generations, Right now I have only added a section for Sonic Lost world (SLW), But will eventually add more.

The Reason I’m doing this is because there really isn’t many interesting things going on in SADX Hacking scene to upload and show off, Just a handful of Character and Texture mods, Hope you understand.

This week’s Highlight : Seaside Paradise

Seaside Hill is a well known Sonic stage from the game Sonic Heroes, but have you ever tried playing it with only 1 character throughout the whole act ? This mod lets you do just that, a mixture of Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace, Terrain Glitches and the absence of Camera directors do suck a little bit of fun out of the level, However it was enjoyable and a nice break from the regular Sonic Adventure Levels.

Fiamonder did a good job making this, But it could have been better with better camera and layout, Sometimes you may get stuck on ground or clip through walls, Regardless You can get the mod from the Level Hacks section.

Blog Launched, Difficulty in finding Hacks

This blog should have been launched earlier but I haven’t gotten around to do this until now, There has been alot of Hacks back then but today almost Half of them disappeared because some useful Hacking sites and great Hackers left the community or simply disappeared.

2 Mods/Hacks that are really difficult to find are the Next Gen Mod and Minecraft Steve Skin, there’s a ton of Next Gen Mods but none of which are the exact ones I was looking for, there was a Next Gen Mod that added new Stages, Wave Ocean, Crisis City, it even altered the Light speed dash to resemble the one from 2006 Sonic The Hedgehog.

So yeah don’t expect a full list of Hacks, However you’re welcome to Provide some Help Heh, Hopefully I will be posting some gameplays for these here someday.