This Week’s Highlight : SADX Mirror Mode

We all are very used to all the layouts and gameplay mechanics of SADX, SF94/Morph’s Mirror mode makes a little change to every level, flipping them on the X and Y axis and giving them an all new taste, it lets you re-experience the levels in a unique way, they almost feel like new stages sometimes.

One thing I liked about this mod is that you are now able to view parts of levels that were previously not viewable because camera couldn’t reach them somehow, It made me dizzy at times because I am very used to the default level layouts, But overall it’s an interesting take on the levels and is a fun way to replay the game if you want something new to try out, This mod is available to download in SADX Level Hacks section.


Growing up

I decided to expand on the content of the Blog by hosting links for various Sonic games mods, Including Sonic Lost World, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Generations, Right now I have only added a section for Sonic Lost world (SLW), But will eventually add more.

The Reason I’m doing this is because there really isn’t many interesting things going on in SADX Hacking scene to upload and show off, Just a handful of Character and Texture mods, Hope you understand.

This week’s Highlight : Seaside Paradise

Seaside Hill is a well known Sonic stage from the game Sonic Heroes, but have you ever tried playing it with only 1 character throughout the whole act ? This mod lets you do just that, a mixture of Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace, Terrain Glitches and the absence of Camera directors do suck a little bit of fun out of the level, However it was enjoyable and a nice break from the regular Sonic Adventure Levels.

Fiamonder did a good job making this, But it could have been better with better camera and layout, Sometimes you may get stuck on ground or clip through walls, Regardless You can get the mod from the Level Hacks section.

Blog Launched, Difficulty in finding Hacks

This blog should have been launched earlier but I haven’t gotten around to do this until now, There has been alot of Hacks back then but today almost Half of them disappeared because some useful Hacking sites and great Hackers left the community or simply disappeared.

2 Mods/Hacks that are really difficult to find are the Next Gen Mod and Minecraft Steve Skin, there’s a ton of Next Gen Mods but none of which are the exact ones I was looking for, there was a Next Gen Mod that added new Stages, Wave Ocean, Crisis City, it even altered the Light speed dash to resemble the one from 2006 Sonic The Hedgehog.

So yeah don’t expect a full list of Hacks, However you’re welcome to Provide some Help Heh, Hopefully I will be posting some gameplays for these here someday.