Originally started as a little place to collect links for Sonic Adventure DX Mods, The purpose of Sonic Hackzone is to collect as much links as possible of modifications for all Official Sonic games that can be modified, Modifications of all kinds will be available, If you’re tired of Redirecting links and search for videos just to get 1 Hack, This Blog will do it for you and will give you direct links and easy accessibility to all your favorite game mods.

There’s also a page dedicated for Fan games but that’s currently not getting much updates because the main focus currently is on official games mods, But it’ll get updated soon hopefully.

All Modifications posted here are fan-made content and are properly credited, no copyright infringement or profit intended, Sonic the Hedgehog is a SEGA Trademark.


  • Current count of mods – 245 (05/01/2019)