Frog Forest Gameplay

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of theseĀ  quick playtests, here’s a run through Frog Forest Mod for Sonic Generations by Faseeh Deen, you can get it from GEN > Level Hacks.


Happy New Year

Bit too late but, better late then never eh ? oh and also we’ve reached total 240 Mods, Happy new year everyone, and Great thanks to all people who helped by submitting mods, really appreciate it.

Generations Mod Update – Unleashed JumpBall Mod Loader version.

As the title suggests, I’ve fixed TiManXD’s JumpBall Mod to work with SonicGMI ModLoader, lot of people had no idea how to install it so I decided to make it easier for those, Get it from GEN > Miscellaneous.


Added “Others” Section

Sonic CD, Heroes and 4 Categories have been moved to “Others” section because they’re the least visited pages and modding scene didn’t go so far for these, they will be kept there anyways if anyone is still interested in the few mods available for them.


Hacking Contest Begins

Head over to to view entries and cast your votes, I’ll make sure to put links for these in here aswell, in the meantime you can download them from sonichacking site.


Sonic Forces Mods

Yes I am aware of the mods already showing up, I’m getting the new Forces category ready, Booya Sonic Forces Mods already, though I probably won’t enable it yet until we at least get a good amount of mods to show, Regardless there will be a Forces Category.


Sonic 3D Director’s Cut Announced

Jon Burton, the Head of traveller’s tale announced that he’s working on a Director’s Cut Patch for Sonic 3D, a Free patch that’s likely going to fix most of the issues that people complained about, Are you excited ? I’m I excited ? yes.