SADX Character Hacks

Character Hacks and Modifications will be collected here, My focus will only be on posting links for Character hacks that are generally difficult to find, But you may some common Character Hacks here too:

Important : If a mod includes CHRMODELS.DLL but no .exe file, Use this exe. (Only for mods that are not intended to be loaded with ModLoader / Don’t Include mod.ini), Backup your files first though.

  • Forces Modern Sonic : By NyonDX (Link)
  • Tails Doll : Self explanatory – by UltimateZWarrior (Link)
  • Haloween Mod : Haloween outfits for Characters – by Maxx Light (Link)
  • SADX Underground : Characters from Sonic Underground – by Maxx Light (Link)
  • SADX Chaotix : Replaces Sonic, Tails and Knuckles with Espio, Charmy and Vector – by Maxx Light (Link)
  • Infinite : The new villain makes his way to SADX – Author : NyonDX (Link)
  • Forces Custom Hero : a Recreation of The character seen in the Sonic Forces Reveal trailers – Author : NyonDX (Link)
  • Shadow : Shadow the Hedgehog from his own game – Author : Unknown (Download)
  • SA2 Shadow : Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2 Brought to SADX by the Retired Hacker Pablodrago1 (Download)
  • SA2 Sonic : Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2 Brought to SADX by the Hacker Netinirvana (Download)
  • Espio : Brought to SADX by  Goronic – (Download)
  • Son11c : Fez. Bowtie, Sonic Screwdriver, Brown Shoes and 3D buckles, changes to SuperSonic, Metal Sonic and Super Sonic Question Mark changed to tardis, Author is Unknown (Download)
  • Hyper Shadic : White Super Sonic and Shadow mash up by sm64no1LOL (Download)
  • Scourge : Green Skin, Black Jaket,, New Spikes Style and Orange Sunglasses – Author : unknown (Download)
  • SBK Sonic : Sonic Black Knight styled – Author : Unknown (Download)
  • Generations Char Pack : Modern Generations Characters brought to SADX by Daniyusra (Download)
  • Classic Char Pack : Classic Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy, Author : Unknown (Download)
  • Dark Sonic : Black Skinned and white eyes, Super Sonic Head, Replaces regular Sonic – Author : Unknown (Download)
  • Riders Sonic : Sonic from Sonic Riders brought to SADX – Author : Unknown (Download)
  • Metal Amy : Replaces Sonic with Metal Amy, who has different abilities than normal. – Author : MainMemory (Download)
  • Metal Shadow + Orange Trail : Replaces Metal Sonic with Metal Shadow, also Replaces Both Sonic and Metal Sonic’s Blue trail with Orange trail (Download)
  • Dreamcast Player Models : Restores DC Characters, The Speech Head animation is missing – By Dude. (Download)
  • Sonic Boom Models : Sonic Boom Characters brought to SADX – Author : Unknown (Download)
  • Sim Sonic Revamp: By UltimateZWarrior, antenna on head and alien-ish dress (Download)
  • SADXNextGen: By the Retired Hacker pablodrago, Replaces Gamma, Shadow and Sonic with Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Style models and Metal Sonic with Silver model (Download)
  • Neo Metal Sonic : by TiggoRech, Similar to the one that appears in Sonic Heroes (Download)
  • Saturn Sonic : Sonic Jam Model, by Jammin (Download)

PVM Edits :

  • Flamy : Turns Amy’s dress to orange and her color to red, by Leaflame (Download)