Forces Character Hacks

Modifications that replace or modify Characters of Sonic Forces will be listed here.

  • Sonic Soap Shoes : by Velcomia (Link)
  • Infinite : by TSININY (Link)
  • Maskless Infinite : by TSININY (Link)
  • Super Sonic and Sanic T-Shirt Unlocker : by PTKickass – Requires CreamAPI Unlocker (Link)
  • Sticks the Badger : by DOLPHINSLOTA (Link)
  • Metal Sonic : by Beats (ModLoader version Link) (Non ModLoader version Link)
  • Infinite Avatar parts : by Slash (Link)
  • Sonic Animation Edit : by SonicHyuga – replaces Sonic’s dash animation with the boost animation, and the dash ring animation with the spin animation (Link)