Forces Miscellaneous

Changes for other aspects of the game that aren’t Levels or Characters.

  • Shadow DLC Sunset Heights Layout : by SonicHyuga – swaps out the stage layout in the base game with the one from Shadow DLC. (Link)
  • Fixed Classic Sonic Physics : by PTKickass – fixes Classic Sonic’s slope physics, as well as fixing his full stop when landing, and generally, making him feel lighter and better to control. (Link)
  • Classic Sonic in Sunset Heights : self-explanatory, Spindash crashes the game just like it did with Sonic Generations so only Spindash in 2D segments,
    Paste in “SonicForces/image/x64/disk/wars_patch.cpk” – by Beatz (Link)
  • Alpha and Beta Sunset Heights : by Brandon Jones – use cheats to move to stage because spawn locations are messed up (Link)
  • Unleashed / Jason Griffith Sounds and sfx : Paste in “SonicForces/image/x64/disk/wars_patch.cpk” –  by Beatz (Link)
  • Remove Jump Ball : Adventure, Heroes or 06 Style Jumping animation – by Velcomia (Link)