SADX Full Projects

a List of Mods that change various aspects of the game at once :

  • Sonic Generations DX : Hud Changes, Slight Level Layouts, Models and Animations changes, Author : pablodrago (Link)
  • Sonic RDX : New set of Levels and Slight character modifications and other new stuff by X-Hax (Link)
  • Sonic Adventure X : by lvis, It Changes Emerald Coast, Station Square, Windy Valley, Chaos 0, Mystic Ruins, Casinopolis, and also Includes ENB Series and various new textures and other changes (Link)
  • Total SA2 Style : New Lightdash (Double Jump for auto Lightdash near rings), Textures and Sounds similar to those from Sonic Adventure 2 (Link)
  • Dreamcast Conversion : This mod attempts to restore Dreamcast assets (including levels, textures, sounds and some objects/effects) in Sonic Adventure DX PC. The main focus of this mod is porting Dreamcast Sonic Adventure Action Stages, Adventure Fields and boss arenas to SADX. (Link)
  • Sonic Shift : New Stages PVMs by ShadeTheHedgehog, Characters Models by Tommysan and better SFX by Dr.Wilson (Link)
  • Rise of Batman : New Abilities, Characters outfits and Menu theme by ElectroNuke (Download)