GEN Character Hacks

Character Hacks and Modifications will be collected here, My focus will only be on posting links for Character hacks that are generally difficult to find, But you may some common Character Hacks here too:

  • Sonic R : By ord (Link)
  • Miles Tails Prower : He can fly too – By UltimateDarkman (Link)
  • Knuckles The Echidna : By UltimateDarkman (Link)
  • Shadow The Hedgehog : By BoomyBoomFP (Link)
  • Metal Sonic : By JoeTE (Link)
  • Silver The Hedgehog : By Daku Neko (Link)
  • Amy Rose : By Daku Neko (Link)
  • Rouge The Bat : By Fanic (Link)
  • Sticks : By Slashy (Link)