GEN Miscellaneous

Improvements and Gameplay changes as well as other Miscellanous Modifications will be posted here:

  • Unleashed JumpBall + Glow effect : By TiManXD (Link) – Put that in, To open use generations archive editor.
  • Unleashed Voice – Jason Griffith : By Dark Super Sponge (Link)
  • Remove Music Boost SFX : By Minka (Link)
  • Sonic 3Derations : Removes all 2D Sections, turns ’em 3D / Normal, By PTKickass (Link)
  • Classic Sonic Adventures : swaps all the classic and modern acts so classic sonic(and modern sonic) can play in each other’s acts. This mod modifies the levels’ layouts so classic sonic can complete all 9 modern acts – Note : Must use Spindash at least once in 2D before going 3D – By Dario FF (Link)