If you don’t know for which game the mods on the current  page work, Here’s a list for of games names the acronyms are refering to :

  • MD : Megadrive, CD and x32 Hacks
  • SADX : Sonic Adventure DX
  • SA2 : Sonic Adventure 2
  • SH : Sonic Heroes
  • 2006 : Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
  • S4 : Sonic 4 Episode 1 / 2
  • CD : Sonic CD (2011 Steam Re-Release)
  • SLW : Sonic Lost World
  • GEN : Sonic Generations
  • MANIA : Sonic Mania

SADX > Instructions covers more about loading mods for that game Sonic Adventure DX because there’s more than 2 ways to Install mods for it, Hover over the SADX Button from the website Navigation bar to access it.

To get link for Mod Loader needed to install the mods for whatever game you have or want, Click on the Acronym from the Website Navigation bar or from above, Some games don’t have their Mod Loaders yet so you have to extract it manually to the appropriate folder, Just make sure you backup files you’re about to replace to avoid any crash that can be caused by incompatibility or something.

Mod Loaders will automatically backup files for you so you don’t have to worry about Backing up files if you’re willing to use a Mod Loader compatible mod.