SADX Instructions

This page will cover Instructions on How to Install SADX Modifications

Important Note : If the game crashes, or if you spawn in the wrong location, Make sure to uninstall previously installed mods before installing new ones, use your backup copy of system folder if you don’t know which files have you replaced.

another common mistake is enabling other mods that modify the same level, you have to disable it and enable only the ones you want from the ModLoader Menu.


  • Steam users : Install BetterSADX to enable Mod support and other enhancements (Link)
  • CD-Retail Users : Make sure you use US executable file (Link)

1/ For PVM, PVR, PVP and BIN Files

If the Mod doesn’t include a mod.ini file, It means you have to extract it Manually, Make sure to make Backup of your system folder.

  • Extract those files to your “sadx/system” folder

Make Sure to deactivate ModLoader if you have activated it first, Click the Uninstal Loader button from the ModLoader Interface for no-modloader mods to work.

2/ ModLoader mods

Some mods are meant to be loaded with ModLoader, This lets you easily toggle between them in an easy to use interface without having to replace or backup files, Make sure you get it from here then :

  1. Extract ModLoader to your SADX Folder.
  2. Extract the entire Mod folder to “sadx/mods”
  3. Run Mod Loader, enable the Mods you wish to use, Check Install
  4. Save and Run.

ModLoader also lets you easily disable those mods when you want to switch back to Vanilla SADX by just clicking Uninstall from ModLoader Interface.