SADX Level Hacks

Level Hacks and Modifications will be collected here, My focus will only be on posting links for Level hacks that are generally difficult to find, But you may some common Level Hacks here too:

Layout Modifications / Mods : (May also contain custom PVMs)

  • SADX Heroes : Various Sonic Heroes stages ported to SADX with gameplay changes to make them suit Sonic Adventure, by Kell (Link)
  • Dash Panel Coast : Hacked Emerald Coast that practically plays itself – by metalsonicmk72 (Link)
  • Apotos : New Layout for Emerald Coast by ShadeTheHedgehog (Download Link)
  • Egg Fleet : Sonic Heroes Egg Fleet brought to SADX by pablodrago (Download Link)
  • Autodemo Levels : Levels seen in the AutoDemo of Sonic Adventure ported to the PC version after a rare copy of the AutoDemo CD was found – By MainMemory (Download Link)
  • South Island : a Modification to Emerald Coast made by Fiamonder (Download Link)
  • Seaside Paradise : yet another Modification to Emerald Coast, a Mix between Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace from Sonic Heroes brought to SADX – by Fiamonder (Download Link)
  • Mushroom Zone : Inspired by Mushroom Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 3, made by Dude (Download Link)
  • Crisis City : Inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Level Crisis City, By Fiamonder (Download Link)
  • Mirror Mod : By Morph/SF94, Flips all levels Horizontally (Download Link)
  • DLC Circuits : by CheatFreak47 – Replaces everyone but Sonic’s Twinkle Circuit tracks with the Dreamcast DLC Courses, but only in the Sub Game Menu, so that you may play the courses without hacking. Scores do not save, no emblems can be collected this way. Those characters may access the standard Twinkle Circuit course though the adventure field normally “This is not a Level Hack, But rather a way to access the inaccessible DLC levels)(Download)
  • Dreamcast Launch Party DLC : By PkR – Banners and Baloons celebrating the launch of Dreamcast, touching Balloons displays a thank you message from Sonic Team and some of the Banners display other messages (Download)

PVM / Texture Mods :

  • Sylvania Castle : By Fanic, applied to Windy Valley (Download Link)
  • Generations Green Hill : by hellofahedgehog, applied to Emerald Coast (Download Link)
  • Palmtree Panic : by Sonicfan, applied to Emerald Coast (Download Link)
  • Blue Coast : by Kenny, applied to Emerald Coast (Download Link)
  • Dragon Road : by ShadeTheHedgehog (Download Link)
  • Rooftop Run : by Fanic, applied to Twinkle Park (Download Link)
  • Station Square DC : restores Dreamcast Station Square Textures, by Sonic102 (Download Link)
  • Trippy Adventure: By ElectroNuke, Rainbow colors to nearly everything (Link)