Mania Level Hacks

Modifications that alter Sonic Mania levels, add new ones or Replace them

  • Beta Studiopolis act 1 : by happyalm (Link)
  • Explorable Angel Island : by LuigiHero (Link)
  • Just a Random Green Hill Stage : aka JARGHS by Steve Blockhead (Link)
  • Green Hill Forces : Classic Green Hill from Sonic Forces recreated for Sonic Mania – by Sonicshadow YouknowWho (Link)
  • Bridge : by 0137 (Link)
  • Green Garden : by Ninja Gaming 101 (Link)
  • Jungle Zone act 1 : by TheDarkSlayeR1996 (Link)
  • Aurora Garden : by AeroArtwork (Link)
  • Pac-Man Special Stage : by Bones Burger, replaces the first Special Stage with a PacMan themed special stage (Link)

Level Reskins :

  • Mecha Green Hill Zone : New Music, Sprites and Textures by Fou-mage (Link)