SADX Miscellaneous

Improvements and Gameplay changes as well as other Miscellanous Modifications will be posted here:

  • Motion Blur : self explanatory, by ENB Series (Download)
  • SweetFX and ENB Series Shaders : Improved colors (Download)
  • Board Spawner : Made by MainMemory, Lets you play with Snowboard at any level (Download)
  • SADXNoGloss : Made by MainMemory, It Removes Glossy effects from Characters skins (Download)
  • TGS Menus : Made by MainMemory, It the menus from the Tokyo Game Show prototype, and enables debug menus with X+Y. (Download)
  • Ghost : Made by MainMemory, Records and plays back Ghosts of your Best time (Download / Trunk Edition)
  • Goal Ring : Made by MainMemory, Replaces Capsules with Goal Rings from SA2 (Download)
  • Physics Swap : Made by MainMemory, Allows you to change characters to use other characters’ physics values by editing an ini file. (Download)
  • Dreamcast GUI : Made by PkR, Restores Dreamcast HUDs for various GUI Items as well as font (Download)
  • Super SADX : Made by Endri, Become SuperSonic in regular action stages (Download)
  • Knuckles E3 Voicelines : Not for all lines – By JmTsHaW (Download)
  • SADX Fixed Edtion : Made by SF94, Fixes various Minor issues and Improves some functionallities (Download)
  • Character Select + Local Multiplayer : By MainMemory – Z to join level, Z+Start to leave level,  Hold a button on loading screen to change character. (Download)
  • Lantern Engine – DC Lighting :  an attempt to re-implement the Dreamcast version lighting to SADX, developed by SF94 in collaboration with all the regulars in #x-hax (including these guys (PkR, TheArcadeStriker, ItsEasyActually, MainMemory) Extract the mod in mods folder and everything else to the root folder. (Required DLL) (MSVC++2015) (Download)