SADX Miscellaneous

Improvements and Gameplay changes as well as other Miscellanous Modifications will be posted here:

  • Motion Blur : self explanatory, by ENB Series (Download)
  • Board Spawner : Made by MainMemory, Lets you play with Snowboard at any level (Download)
  • SADXNoGloss : Made by MainMemory, It Removes Glossy effects from Characters skins (Download)
  • TGS Menus : Made by MainMemory, It the menus from the Tokyo Game Show prototype, and enables debug menus with X+Y. (Download)
  • Ghost : Made by MainMemory, Records and plays back Ghosts of your Best time (Download / Trunk Edition)
  • Goal Ring : Made by MainMemory, Replaces Capsules with Goal Rings from SA2 (Download)
  • Physics Swap : Made by MainMemory, Allows you to change characters to use other characters’ physics values by editing an ini file. (Download)
  • Dreamcast GUI : Made by PkR, Restores Dreamcast HUDs for various GUI Items as well as font (Download)
  • Super SADX : Made by Endri, Become SuperSonic in regular action stages (Download)
  • Knuckles E3 Voicelines : Not for all lines – By JmTsHaW (Download)
  • SADX Fixed Edtion : Made by SF94, Fixes various Minor issues and Improves some functionallities (Download)
  • Character Select + Local Multiplayer : By MainMemory – Z to join level, Z+Start to leave level,  Hold a button on loading screen to change character. (Download)
  • Lantern Engine – DC Lighting :  an attempt to re-implement the Dreamcast version lighting to SADX, developed by SF94 in collaboration with all the regulars in #x-hax (including these guys (PkR, TheArcadeStriker, ItsEasyActually, MainMemory) Extract the mod in mods folder and everything else to the root folder. (Required DLL) (MSVC++2015) (Download)
  • DLC Circuits : by CheatFreak47 – Replaces everyone but Sonic’s Twinkle Circuit tracks with the Dreamcast DLC Courses, but only in the Sub Game Menu, so that you may play the courses without hacking. Scores do not save, no emblems can be collected this way. Those characters may access the standard Twinkle Circuit course though the adventure field normally “This is not a Level Hack, But rather a way to access the inaccessible DLC levels)(Download)