SA2 Miscellaneous

Improvements and Gameplay changes as well as other Miscellanous Modifications will be posted here:

  • SA2 Like it should Have Been : by Fanic – turns every stage into “Reach the goal” Stage, If you hate treasure hunting or Mech stages (or both) try this (Link).
  • SA2 Cheat Table : by flarn2006 – a cheat table for Cheat Engine that allows for many different types of hacks like spawning items, swapping textures, teleportation, and Live Editing, and Direct Call of any game function (Link)
  • SA2 Battle Network : By Dude – an in-development netplay mod (Link)
  • Shaders Mod : By Flash Dash – Improved DOF and colors (Link)
  • Item Box Randomizer : By MainMemory – All item boxes and balloons will contain random items. (Link)
  • Character Randomizer : By MainMemory – You will play as a random character in each level. (Link)
  • Character Select Mod : By MainMemory – Allows you to play as any character by holding buttons during level loading. (Link)
  • No Battle Mod : By MainMemory – Removes Battle Branding from the game (Link)
  • Disable Upgrade Models : By MainMemory – Makes Character Upgrade items invisible (Link)
  • Super Sonic : By MainMemory – Play as Super Sonic in all levels (Link / Shadow addon)
  • SA2 Pro : By Dude – Disables 2P Special attacks, allows both players to choose same character, and disables low res Models (Link)
  • No Levels of Details : Removes 2P LOD for better looking models and better render distance – By Dude (Link)